I put my heart on display
Stripped it naked for you
But, for you, it was an ashtray
Just another gum you chewed

Guess I never wanted you
To really quit smoking
But vodka became your thing
And you left me choking

But now that my heart’s undressed
I’m facing the consequences
The thoughts of you have depressed
All of my senses.



Sometimes on lonely nights

I look up at the cloudless skies

And wonder where

The stars disappeared

But then I think about your face—

The way your eyes twinkle

And I realise

You’re more beautiful than the night


It’s All Your Fault

And now that I’m here

Sweeping up the pieces

Of my shattered soul

I see how you played me

How you strummed the chords

In sync with the beats of my heart

I connect the dots

And relive each memory of us

Etched into my body

And when I look in the mirror

I watch myself disintegrate into thin air

As if I’ll never be the same again

I reassure myself

That it’s not my fault, it’s yours

But the deed’s already done

I let you in

And you broke me in ways

I could never fathom